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by motorfoot 9/23/2009 3:57:00 PM

I thought that I would post on one of my other projects. Actually, I have shifted focus almost entirely from MOTORFOoT to MOTOR Austin.

MOTOR Austin has gone through several redesigns, including a recent home page update. Since I do photography of local events, I thought it would be cool if the entire home page design would be photo of an Austin hot rod. The home page stays fresh since every few weeks I change the featured image. The current image is of Mercury Charlie's Nadine, since the second annual  Hot Rods and Honeys is in October.

Another project I just finished is a video of a local car night in Buda Texas, just south of Austin.  This car night is organized by the GearHeads car club and has a pretty decent size showing each Saturday night with a nice mix of cars.

Check out the video below for a taste of Buda car night, and check out MOTOR Austin while you are at it.



Vintage Torque DVD #3

by motorfoot 7/30/2009 1:01:00 PM

"I just think there is a niche that needs to be filled that may cater to people that actually want to see the cars... and hear them."

Vintage Torque DVD

John Wells of CoolStuff Video contacted me some time back asked if I'd be interested in reviewing Vintage Torque 3. Ah, let me think about it...hell yeah!

In a nut shell, Vintage Torque is visual tour of the most popular hot rod shows around the U.S. Make no mistake about it, the cars are the stars in Vintage Torque, and there are lots of them. John took 28 hours of raw video and worked it down to four full hours (two DVDs, 120 minutes each) of hot rods, art and cool music.

What you won't see: Hollywood production, in depth builder interviews or "life at the hot rod shop" reality show footage.

What you will see: hundreds of traditional hot rods cruising by, burn outs, art work and even an interview with hot rod artist Max Grundy, who by the way did the artwork on the DVD cover.

As John sees it, "I just think there is a niche that needs to be filled that may cater to people that actually want to see the cars and hear them. Even when we have music on in the background you can always hear the cars going by 100% of the time."

Equally as interesting is John Wells himself. He is a one man show from filming, to editing, to marketing, and sales! I have great admiration for someone, who without training or experience, takes on a project because they just want to. With three DVDs under his belt, and a fourth one coming out soon, John isn't worried about the critics. "I readily admit that I have no clue what I am doing and I have no experience in doing this, but when you look at the progression of each DVD you can see that I am getting better at both the editing and the filming."

When John is not making videos he travels from town to town (on the road 42 weekends last year from Yokohama to Syracuse NY) selling anything that has to do with the kustom kulture scene, such as hot rod DVDs, Rat Fink merchandise, posters and stickers.

As far as shooting video for Vintage Torque, John says "I enjoy this aspect of my business cause I get to learn a lot of info about these cars and the guys that do this themselves." Just like many of the folks that attend hot rod shows, John has a project too; a 1935 Ford 5 window coupe. "Talking to guys out there on the road has helped me quite a bit on getting this thing started."

If you want to see hundreds of hot rods and get a flavor for some of the most popular hot rod shows around the United States then by all means, get Vintage Torque!


>> Vintage torque 3 (YouTube) - Watch the promo video.

>> Vintage torque 4 (YouTube) - Coming soon!

>> Vintage torque 5 (YouTube) - And working on VT 5!

>> Vintage Torque - Visit Coolstuff website and buy the DVD!

>> Hub Garage - If you want to read about some of John's adventures on the road then check out his blog on the Hub Garage (Subscription required).


Hot Rods | Video

Jay Lenos Garage - 2002 Z06 Corvette Therapy

by motorfoot 8/30/2008 7:07:00 AM
I never fail to get a kick out of watching Jay Leno's Garage videos because of his wit and his zealous enthusiasm for all things automobile. Jay's latest video showcases his 2002 435 hp Z-06 Corvette.

In the video, Jay goes over some of the mods he has done to the car, such as replacing the potent LS6 with a lethal LS7 427 small block with 500 plus horsepower, the carbon fiber bits  (sounds like a great auto enthusiast cereal, but I digress), and the body kit.

Jay shares his views about the practicality of the Corvette as compared to other sports cars and also a few childhood stories about how the Corvette inspired him as a youth. As he reflects on his youthful escapades Jay takes a moment to confess about a teenage prank he pulled on his principal that consisted of a fake Corvette classified ad that...well, just watch the video.

One thing that rings true to all car enthusiasts is that driving is good therapy for the soul, and Jay shares his thoughts as he hammers the accelerator...priceless!

Be watching for his upcoming video on the ZR-1 when his order comes in so stay tuned!


And speaking of videos, for the last month I have been consumed with various aspects of video. Out of this has come the new MOTORFOOT Video page, which directly integrates YouTube videos with MOTORFOOT content!

>> MOTORFOOT Video Page - Hot Rod Rat Rod videos on YouTube(TM)



Lenos Garage - Jay drives 2008 SSC Ultimate Aero - GO USA

by motorfoot 7/14/2008 12:39:00 AM

Just a quick note to check out Jay's Garage latest video. Jay drives the 2008 SSC Ultimate Aero, a real American supercar Bugatti eater. Must see TV.





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Hot Rod Donuts Large and Small

by motorfoot 6/24/2008 3:27:00 PM

We turned the MOTORFOOT search engine loose on YouTube for a while and well...

Let's just say searching YouTube is like digging for gold. You expend a lot time and energy only to end the day with a few nuggets. But like the prospector, what keeps you going is the thought that maybe tomorrow you will strike it rich.

Here are a couple of nuggets that are complete time wasters, but hey, can you really put a price on a smile?

I hope you enjoy.




Jays Garage - Leno Picks Up Challenger 4 of 6400

by motorfoot 6/17/2008 1:50:00 PM

Jay Leno, Auto enthusiast extraordinaire, cruised in style in his 1970 Challenger to pick up his new Dodge Challenger SRT8 at Big Valley Dodge.

He also brought along his film crew and captured the event for us.

 Adios Jay!

Going to pick up your new ride? If Jay can do it, you can too. Capture your event on video and send us a link!

Dig the Vid at Jay's Garage



In Pain Motorcycle Guy

by motorfoot 5/19/2008 11:58:00 PM
Ah, YouTube. Where you can watch the victory of success and the agony of defeat. You've seen "Insane Motorcycle Guy", now watch "In Pain Motorcycle Guy"! Moral of the story: Know thyself. Don't go beyond your skill level. Now I know you wouldn't laugh at someone else's expense, but maybe you can empathize...nah. De stress and have a chuckle, check out this short vid on youTube.



Supercars Exposed Ford GT 200 MPH Texas Mile

by motorfoot 5/17/2008 6:09:00 AM

Watch a whole episode of Supercars Exposed online! Tanner Foust, host of Supercars Exposed, joins the 200 MPH club in a borrowed Ford GT at the Texas Mile in Goliad.

 >> - Watch Supercars Exposed Video.

>> - Texas Mile website.



2009 CTS- V Blisters Nurburgring

by motorfoot 5/17/2008 4:40:00 AM

Check out the video of a sub 8 minute run in a stock Cadillac CTS-V at Nurburgring. The cockpit is eerily quite. I'm surprised there wasn't a guy in the back seat cutting a diamond.



Jay Leno's Garage

by motorfoot 4/29/2008 2:15:00 AM

Check out  "Jay Leno's Garage". If you haven't seen this site yet it is pretty cool. Jay's latest video is "Driving the Nissan GT-R". The video is informative and entertaining.

Maybe some day soon I can cancel my cable service (or cancel SPEED TV) and get my car enthusiast fix through cool sites like Jay's. 




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