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Hub Garage - Yet another Auto Enthusiast Social Network

by motorfoot 5/29/2008 3:06:00 PM

I ran across a few days ago via our MOTORFOOT search engine.

This site is interesting because it has some automotive star power behind it: Chris Jacobs, host of Overhaulin.

It's not apparent who is really behind the site, but I found a post on two VW enthusiast sites that may or may not be accurate: "The folks over at Dynamat started a new site called the Hub Garage. It is essentially a "myspace" type of website where you can connect with other gearheads."

I should probably know what Dynamat is, but I don't, so I did some searching and found the site. Here's an excerpt from the Dynamat site: "Dynamic Control seeks to produce and deliver high quality acoustic solutions to the world with speed and accuracy, for better sound everywhere"

Hmmm. Why is a company like Dynamat interested in creating a cool auto enthusiast social network? Well, the Dynamat site has Chip Foose on it so I certainly see some connections here.

The site is in beta so you can't join  with out an invite or a VIP code. But you can simply obtain the VIP code by watching a humorous video/commercial about Hub Garage (see hubmechanic link below).

The site has a clean design with no ads. When you join, Chris Jacobs is in your "Buddy List". Thanks Chris! You get your own blog, you can upload your car photos for your personal garage, you can upload videos, and you can create news items that all community members can see.

That's about as far as my detective work has gone. Time for another energy drink.

** Update **

From Chris Jacobs to MOTORFOOT: "The HUB was created by a group of people including myself and The inventor of Dynamat, hence the connection."

Here are some interesting links relating to Hub Garage:

Dynamat About Page

The Jesse Video

Chris Jacobs Garage

Dynamat Garage




Four dollars a gallon - youre pissing me off

by motorfoot 5/27/2008 1:33:00 PM

Geez, $4.00 plus a gallon for gas today! Uncle! I'm ready for a hybrid. And I don't have an addiction to oil, ok? I hate that phrase.

I didnt flinch at $3.00 a gallon, but $4.00? Hmmm. Now you're pissing me off.

I think of my vehicle as more than basic transportation. I like vehicles that evoke emotion, so call me a cave man. Yes, it's our common curse (why didn't I get the stamp collecting gene?)

But alas, nothing in the fuel effecient realm built today really moves me (so to speak).

Except...Toyota. Yes, Toyota.

They are on the right track, at least for me.

I am referring to the Toyota ABAT concept.

It doesn't look like a little 'happy car'.

It has cool styling, it has truck looks, and it is fuel effecient.

If this thing was on the lot today and it got 40 MPG I'd buy it.

I wish Ford or Chevy would enter this area asap.

Come on, throw a Volt truck out there!

Are you crying uncle yet? Are you considering trading a perfectly good auto for a more fuel effecient auto?

The Open Platform Car - Part 2

by motorfoot 5/23/2008 12:11:00 AM

Ford recently sponsored a design contest to reinvent the iconic Model T. But what is really needed is to reinvent the auto company.

In my first article titled "The Open Platform Car", I talked about my vision for a new car company.

The main points were:

1. Open up the design of the car. Only a select few designers ever get to see their designs get to production. How sad for them, and for us.

2. Style changes at a different rate than engineering. Therefore the rate of change in engineering should be decoupled from the rate of change in design.

3. Customers want more choices in visual design. Why have one version of the Camaro for six years?

Enter the unexpected... Local Motors.

I was quite surprised when I stumbled upon Local Motors while reading a car design blog. The vision of Local Motors is very similar to what I see in the future. The Local Motors Mission statement is:

"Lead the next generation of automotive manufacturing, design, and technology in order to revolutionize the industry with game-changing efficient vehicles and an unprecedented standard of customer service."

Whether this company is successful or not, it proves that change is here. The auto companies are too big to handle this kind of change because it is a completely different business model. I will definitely be following this company.

>> Detroit Free Press - Reinventing the Model T
>> - Local Motors Website

  Also on MOTORFOOT:

>> The Open Platform Car - Part 1


In Pain Motorcycle Guy

by motorfoot 5/19/2008 11:58:00 PM
Ah, YouTube. Where you can watch the victory of success and the agony of defeat. You've seen "Insane Motorcycle Guy", now watch "In Pain Motorcycle Guy"! Moral of the story: Know thyself. Don't go beyond your skill level. Now I know you wouldn't laugh at someone else's expense, but maybe you can empathize...nah. De stress and have a chuckle, check out this short vid on youTube.



Supercars Exposed Ford GT 200 MPH Texas Mile

by motorfoot 5/17/2008 6:09:00 AM

Watch a whole episode of Supercars Exposed online! Tanner Foust, host of Supercars Exposed, joins the 200 MPH club in a borrowed Ford GT at the Texas Mile in Goliad.

 >> - Watch Supercars Exposed Video.

>> - Texas Mile website.



2009 CTS- V Blisters Nurburgring

by motorfoot 5/17/2008 4:40:00 AM

Check out the video of a sub 8 minute run in a stock Cadillac CTS-V at Nurburgring. The cockpit is eerily quite. I'm surprised there wasn't a guy in the back seat cutting a diamond.



A Moment of Silence

by motorfoot 5/11/2008 12:11:00 AM

Meditation image of the day. Brethren, may we have a moment of silence...

I found this beauty at while checking out the 70 - 73 Camaros for sale. It's like the thing has life!

I think it needs a caption. Any ideas? 


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